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"I would not be unhappy with this set on my shelves . . . Elina Christova has all the requisite technique and is as effective in the later sonatas as the early ones. 


"There is lots to admire here; Christova grips the imagination from the very first flourish of the first Sonata and there is no shortage of dizzying virtuosity, dramatic tension or tender lyricism. She enjoys the grandeur of the earlier works, especially the first where she finds a stern weightiness to the concluding Funeral march and the presto - and it is presto.


"She is equally at home with the enigmatic style of the later sonatas. I was especially taken with her playing of the eighth Sonata where she balances the ever converging and diverging elements with skill; the final presto is delicious, full of impish caprice."

Rob Challinor

Musicweb International


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